Oculus Users Can’t Get Enough of
“Meditation 2.0”

Amy S | August 23, 2021
A woman with TRIPP VR glasses

Experts say it’s unlikely we will ever meditate the same way again.

When you hear the word meditation, what do you picture in your mind? It’s probably someone sitting crossed-legged taking deep breaths, right?

This is what meditation has looked like for decades but recently that all just got flipped on its head.

Thanks to an incredible breakthrough in VR technology we have finally unlocked the ability to create an immersive meditation experience unlike anything before.

This is what Silicon Valley has recently dubbed “Meditation 2.0”.

Traditional meditation is designed to help you calm down, but often people find it has the exact opposite effect.

While every photo you see of someone meditating looks incredibly peaceful, if you have actually tried meditating you know how difficult it can be.

Calming the mind, ignoring the noisy world, and focusing on nothing.

Well, all of that takes a lot of practice and can be frustrating to master.

Traditional meditation, whether we want to admit it or not, begins as a chore.

Only after months of repetitive practice does it actually become enjoyable.

This is exactly why Meditation 2.0 is exploding.

A woman with TRIPP VR glasses

It makes meditation effortless. The VR headset and app do all the heavy lifting for you.

All you have to do is put on the headset and you are transported to a world that makes meditation not only easy but incredibly engaging.

Here is what Nanea Reeves, founder of TRIPP, CES award winning VR meditation app had to say

“Traditional meditation is kind of like reading a book about Mount Everest. VR meditation is like being on Mount Everest and feeling every bit of the experience. This is exactly why everyone is switching from basic audio apps to fully immersive VR. One is an amazing sensory experience for the ears, eyes, and brain while the other just plays basic audio tracks.”

So what does Meditation 2.0 actually look like?

Meditation 2.0 is about seamlessly blending together stunning visuals and delightful sound paired with highly effective gameplay mechanics.

Every environment inside of TRIPP is vivid. It’s almost impossible not to be entranced by the beautiful visuals, immersive music and guided audio.

The reason TRIPP is so incredibly effective is because it’s deeply rooted in data.

Data-driven VR design

TRIPPs engineering team went far beyond just thinking about great visuals. Environments and game play mechanics inside of TRIPP are designed to work together. The app has blended proven breathing techniques with highly interactive visuals.

During sessions users see graphics, such as particles, that they are instructed to breathe in, hold, and breathe out based on specific timing that can help to induce calmness.

Then, the TRIPP team uses the users’ mood ratings data to better understand how to support users.

What do actual Oculus users think of the Meditation 2.0 app TRIPP?

“Imagine Headspace, but with an immersive visual experience that makes it far more powerful.” - Ramez Naam

“… I find it impossible to “sit and do nothing” for ANY period of time. TRIPP has allowed me to be comfortable just relaxing and winding down. YOU NEED THIS APP.” - Robin S

“I use this with a guided meditation that I listen to and I have to say the result is nothing short of magical.” - Crystal T

“... the experience is sort of in a class of its own. I didn't realize that meditation can be this addictive!” - David M

“TRIPP has helped both my husband and I find serenity in the midst of inner chaos.” - Kristen L

“After trying mine after I had bought TRIPP, she was so enthralled she bought her own headset. This is her escape after a stressful day.” - Steve R

TRIPP has received over 884 ratings from users and is routinely featured on the top of the Oculus store.

Try Meditation 2.0 for yourself

If you are keen on trying the future of meditation you can download TRIPP on your Oculus. Try the initial demo for free and experience what vivid VR meditation actually feels like.

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